Blogging… when will I?

HELLO out there! I apologise for my total lack of using my blog. I am planning on sharing with who ever is out there… my tips, my favourite artists, favourite mangas, animes and more!

I’ll probably start off with a recap of the year 2013… but not tonight!

On a quick note… I’ve had a fun day today! It’s cold and wet here in Sydney, currently 12 degrees I think. Today was FREE COMIC BOOK DAY! Woo hoo! I was at Campbelltown Library today as the roaming artist, where I drew superheroes and other characters! Time was limited to 5 mins a sketch and I had an hour! After that it was onto a how-to-draw cartoons workshop.

Thank you to every one that came by today I hope you enjoyed the sketches and workshop!

Attached is a pic of a Catwoman sketch I did today. The movie version… Anne Hathaway I apologise!


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