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Blogging… when will I?

HELLO out there! I apologise for my total lack of using my blog. I am planning on sharing with who ever is out there… my tips, my favourite artists, favourite mangas, animes and more!

I’ll probably start off with a recap of the year 2013… but not tonight!

On a quick note… I’ve had a fun day today! It’s cold and wet here in Sydney, currently 12 degrees I think. Today was FREE COMIC BOOK DAY! Woo hoo! I was at Campbelltown Library today as the roaming artist, where I drew superheroes and other characters! Time was limited to 5 mins a sketch and I had an hour! After that it was onto a how-to-draw cartoons workshop.

Thank you to every one that came by today I hope you enjoyed the sketches and workshop!

Attached is a pic of a Catwoman sketch I did today. The movie version… Anne Hathaway I apologise!


Posted by matt on the 3rd of May 2014

My First Real Post – Testing

Hey, hey, hey!

Testing one, two, one, two…

Please excuse this… I’m just testing out the blog!

Real thoughts coming soon…

Posted by matt on the 28th of August 2013

Website live!

Hi Everyone,

My New website is now live!

Posted by matt on the 3rd of December 2012


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